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Mandingo vs Brianna Beach

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    • uuh July 27, 2013

      I love how she twitches after massaging her clit

    • mandizo July 23, 2013

      nice fac mandigo wthig big dick

    • Damn September 7, 2013

      I can't be the only straight guy that gets a boner from seeing Mandingo's giant hard dick. That thing is incredible. Imagine how good it must feel having that fat gigantic cock

    • Wet26 June 3, 2013

      That looks so good mmmmmmm someone fuck my pussy hard fast just like him and big black dick I want you in me

    • Diana May 11, 2013

      I guess Brianna after that made a sound like "Brrrrrrrrr"...

    • maria78 April 13, 2013

      che bel cazzone

    • giorgio May 8, 2013


    • phatdic11 October 2, 2013

      Not a bad performance by big mandingo! He use to fuck with two inches of his dick and have a dick show rather than pleasing the woman! Thats the longest I ever seen him leave his dick in that pussy. not bad!

    • Phiber Optik February 14, 2014

      Brianna BEach is one beautiful woman. Phiber Optik

    • Ellie June 27, 2014

      I would leave my husband for that cock. My God what a man, what a load

    • 1st bbc July 8, 2014

      It was my 58 birthday and my husband invited all my friends to the house he said that he had a suprise for me it was a blck male stripper . The stripper arrived and did a show for us he was down to his g string o my his cock was bulging out of it my puss got so wet i had to have him .Later rvery one left and the strpper stayed i was sitting on a chair when he started rubbing his cock in my face i pulled his cock out of his g string and kissed it to the amasment of my husband i started giving him a blow job i kept on sucking his cock he was at least 12.5 inches long he then came on my dress i got up and took him to my room and fucked him all night ,Ithanked my husband for my present .That was my first black cock and it wont be my last mmm

    • me June 14, 2014

      that's a weapon , has he got a licence for that

    • Hispanit big bootty June 1, 2014

      I want a black huge hard cock in my pussy...i wana get fuck hard n ruf by that mandingo cock..

    • Ferruccio March 10, 2014

      The biggest cock ever seen on a porno stage.....it takes all the courage of brianna to sit on that astonishingly gigantic rod!!!

    • Ms Tease April 10, 2014

      Oh, please... She didnt even get wet when she was supposingly cumming...

    • harder April 8, 2013

      hahahahaha she queefed

    • Enya W. March 5, 2013

      Magnificent cock!

    • King dong October 18, 2012

      Lot of cum but just dribbles out. Surely he could hit the pillows .

    • carvalho e ana maria November 29, 2012

      minha esposa ficou louca de tesao vendo esse filme comigo. fizemos uma maravilhosa foda depois que asitimos esse filme. realmente esse cara sabe das coisas, minha mulher nao pisca quando assistimos o filme desse mandingo.

    • MandingoISalphaMALE September 27, 2012

      Man, Mandingo is a spectacular human specimen. He's gotta huge cock, it's long, AND thick as hell. It looks even bigger because he's short, so proportionate wise it's fuckin enormous, not to mention it's about 12 inches long. Not only that, he pumps out huge and healthy jizz loads as well. I'm straight, but I gotta admire this dude. Not gonna lie, if I already had a hard on I'd probably suck his dick. Shit even if I didn't have hard on, I think seeing that penis would give me a boner anyways

    • LookingtoShare September 25, 2012

      She is one of the hottest girls in porn and watching her get fucked by his huge cock is simply delightful. I love watching white girls getting satisfied by these big black studs. I just wish I could meet a hot/cute/young lady/student/unhappily married woman who would let me share her with blacks studs. So hot!

    • blonde v August 6, 2012

      I want a big black cock

    • zappa August 26, 2012

      also he isnt in her when he does her from behind... shes already moaning and you can see him hanging low

    • InLoveWithTheDick December 7, 2012

      Oh shit i'd put a poster of that dick on my bedroom ceiling and masturbate looking at it every night. i need some dick like that in my life!!! lol

    • Diana January 11, 2013

      It's really huge!!!

    • boochie February 15, 2013

      Oooohhhh....my pussy is all hot and wet for a big 'ol Mandingo like that. Mmmmmm.....

    • sweet February 16, 2013

      wish he would suck my tits like hers and fuck my swollen pussy all night

    • Jt February 12, 2013


    • cecr February 3, 2013


    • a January 18, 2013


    • XP January 30, 2013

      Brianna is gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh!

    • sluty sue July 9, 2014

      slap my face with that dick and fuck me, fill me up with cum

    • 13 inch July 10, 2014

      im a srtaight white married guy .i go to gym evry night . the other night Tim a black guy at gym was in the sauna with me he was sitting with his erect cock out it must be at least 13 inches long . i instantly got hard thinking how nice it would be if i could show it to my wife . we have a sauna at the house and i told Tim he should come and sauna at the house we went to my house i told JANE my wfe that she should join us in the sauna she said that TIM was a black man and she did not want to join us after a while . she came in a bikini and sat with us we were chatting my cock was as hard as rock thinking if TIM co ck TIM told her to come and sit next to him my cock was bursting thinking my wife was right next to this massive black cock TIM then started kissing JANE and pulled his 13 inch cock out she saw his cock and told him to push it up her puss he fucked her for hours ive never heard her scream like that he then came deep in her puss TIM now comes to the hiuse ever night and fucks JANE

    • mike d December 11, 2014

      a really great couple of erotic-models.one of the best videos with a black cock and a white pussy.brianna has sexy boobs and a sweat ass. mandingos cock,yes ladies that are really "20cm" !! brianna and mandingo please invite to your wedding-night !!

    • Titman December 15, 2014

      This man's weapon is absolutely amazing. Ladies, do you really prefer dicks this big? Mine is only one third the size. I feel so inadequate.

    • tanya January 10, 2015

      love being fucked by guys with big dicks

    • davo December 1, 2014

      Brianna has a gorgeous body and a perfect cunt ant ass for fucking,love to fuck her

    • sue November 6, 2014

      love to bite that knob as I suck

    • Jennifer October 20, 2014

      I dream of being knocked up by a bull like this....He would own me forever... I would be spoiled. Mandingo...your incredible and very hot...anytime you want another little sexy white pussy.....I am here for you....always

    • dennis October 27, 2014

      nice fucking cock.

    • Margie January 11, 2015

      These big bull's are incredible. My husband has no clue that I love to milk black cocks with my mouth and drain their balls of all their sperm. I have sucked and swallowed a load out of just about every black man in the club we hang around at. I won't get pregnant but I have certainly swallow a lot of potential black babies in my time. There is nothing better than to feel their hands on the back of my head pushing my mouth way down the length of their hard cocks ready to explode.

    • TRAC January 20, 2015


    • chatty May 26, 2015

      I love big black dicks. I wish I can fuck this black dick!!! make my pussy shiver!!! mmmmohhhhhh shit I'm cumming now!!!

    • Rafta June 11, 2015

      Good job Bro keep on breaking white pussy !!!!

    • Kristina April 26, 2015

      My sexy bull looks like this hunk. He has a huge gorgeous cock and balls. I love showing him off when my friends are over the house for a swim or a BBQ. I buy him the tightest swim trucks you can get. I love watching my girl friends staring at his bulge. Sometimes after to much to drink I will ask him to go and put on one of his G-strings I buy for him. My girlfriends go wild and they all love touching him. Finally I will pull it down and his amazing cock will stand at attention for them. They will finally get on their knees and paly with him, suck him, lick him and fondle his big nut sack until he explodes all over their faces. I have taken some good pictures of them and have told them all that maybe I might black mail them...lol and show their husbands just what they do at my house. I am a lucky woman who has it all, a handsome man, a big beautiful black cock and a big heavy pair of balls. You can't ask for more other than I am hoping I have his baby growing inside me. I need his baby.

    • Kat April 2, 2015

      There are bull's and then there are magnificent bull's. I bet all of us women know which one this gorgeous man is. Drinking a load of his seed would be an honor.

    • A. January 21, 2015

      So ein großer Schwanz hat mein Freund auch

    • anna March 29, 2015

      questo è il cazzo che voglio quando mi capita non lo lascio scappare con il benestare di mio marito gran cornuto

    • Blackcockwhore October 10, 2014

      Ladies, if you have ever been seeded by one of these incredible hunks with these unbelievable cocks then you know what I am talking about. If you haven't then I recommend you do. Once you have one of these magnificent big black cocks shoot their seed into you, it will spoil you for all other men. There is nothing else like it. I swear my man can filled 2 or 3 pussies to overflowing with the amount of cum he shoots. I almost drown when I try swallowing his full load. I will never stop milking my man. I am a black cock slave and will never even try another black cock as long as I have him. I believe that is the reason I am on this earth to keep this big bull happy that owns me. There is nothing better than black sperm

    • sue October 8, 2014

      that's a fucking dick we all need in our cunts

    • love black cock July 29, 2014

      Iam a straight white guy .but when i see this cock i get such a hard on i want to suck it or sit on my wife saw me jerking off to thi vid and started sucking my cock watching MANDIGOS cock my wife also wants to sit on it We have now got a black dude that comes and fucks us every night thes e black cocks have changed me mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    • fuck August 3, 2014

      this is a brave woman

    • Sim July 27, 2014

      Holy shit with a cock like that i would go for world domination

    • Sandy July 17, 2014

      God look at all that baby batter pour out of that gorgeous cock. How I would love a chance to swallow his load.

    • help July 11, 2014

      luckiest white woman in the world to have that beautful big black cock im so jealous what a cock i want it he must cum in me iwant his cum omg please

    • Ellie July 15, 2014

      @mmmm.........This young stud always is rock hard in the few clips I have seen him in. He is incredible. He always give the woman a big load, nice and thick and creamy. Boy does it look so delicious. I would pay this black stud anything he wants for a night with him. How about you mmmm? Yes you are right, it is amazing what a big beautiful black cock does to us white women....

    • Jose August 13, 2014


    • Katie September 16, 2014

      I am with a couple of other ladies here, I would dump my husband in a heart beat to be able to have that incredibly beautiful black cock. My God he is so damn hot. There should be a law against wasting thick black seed. His load is huge and I would never let any of it go to waste. If it meant getting knocked up, so be it as long as I could have all of it. My legs would be spread even wider for him. He is the perfect African bull.

    • pj October 7, 2014

      gorgeous looking blonde babe great body and rides the dick well

    • yes October 8, 2014

      this babe is deliciuos

    • Blackdreams October 5, 2014

      I would love to get knocked up by this magnificent bull. To feel that thick rich creamy load explode in me knowing he is giving me his baby. Nothing could be better than that. He would own this white pussy forever.

    • blackcocklover October 4, 2014

      I have had 2 black babies with 2 different bull's over the time they have been fucking me. If I was to ever have another this is the bull I want to give it to me. Beautiful cock, big loads of his man juice. He certainly knows how to make a woman happy. I couldn't ask for more.

    • Penny September 30, 2014

      God I just wrote a message on another clip with this incredible handsome man in it. I want to try my first black cock and I would give anything to have a man like this. I want to suck his huge cock and make him cum in my mouth. This black bull would spoil me for any other man. You women who have had a big beautiful cock like this must be in heaven. I am so jealous right now and my little pussy is so wet.

    • iloveblackdick September 30, 2014

      nice big cock ...I want some of that now

    • lol July 31, 2012

      he is lucky he has that dick otherwise he'd be working at some place making min. wage....

    • mizz.PussyXXXX July 17, 2012

      i love me sum Shorty Mac damn!!

    • J April 3, 2011

      Oh my GOD, he's huge! And he moves in just the right way... I wanna fuck him soooo bad!

    • =) April 9, 2011

      maldita suertuda!

    • jose April 10, 2011

      hey pero hasta las mujeres ven porno de la pagina que bien la que quiera que se lo meta tengo una polla de ese mismo largo

    • PunisherJ79 March 30, 2011

      was fuer ein schwanz die alte bekommt ihn ja kaum ganz rein. mit so einem schwanz wuerde ich meine kleine auch mal ficken wollen. wo finde ich so was.

    • doppel warrior March 30, 2011

      did anyone else here that fart 1 third into it lol

    • evil thoughts March 10, 2011

      Her pussy has been stretched for ever. One awesome young cock craving women

    • Penelope March 11, 2011

      Want his black dick in my pussy

    • jeropa April 14, 2011

      mandingo WINS!!

    • Vincent April 18, 2011

      On comprend pourquoi les filles aiment les bites des noirs =D

    • ArabGirl June 11, 2011

      I want that dick!!..

    • Interracial fan June 21, 2011

      Wow! The biggest black cock in the business fucking a sexy sweet blonde. That's what lovers of interracial sex crave. Did he really shoot that huge load of sperm or was it a simulation?

    • cilentano May 24, 2011

      gran bel cazzone

    • Miguel May 14, 2011

      Una asi me quiero cojer yo!

    • j April 21, 2011

      twice than mine

    • korn May 14, 2011

      why is it "versus"??, ah, they're fighting each other, ok

    • nutluster February 4, 2011

      I would have a sex change if it meant getting fucked by that man.

    • nutluster February 4, 2011

      I want to suck you until you're rock hard and then you can face fuck me until you're ready to drill my willing ass! I want to fuck you so bad!

    • sxycck August 14, 2010

      brianna is so fuckin sexy, she makes my cock sooo hard, watching this giant cock fuck her makes me stroke so hard

    • gat October 3, 2010

      im surprised she can take that much gawla

    • Au Cindy August 13, 2010

      Thats gotta take 10 min for the cum to get from his balls to his knob.Fuck this is a GIGANTIC COCK.

    • biig dick caracas July 26, 2010

      de donde eres mercedez

    • cocky June 10, 2010

      Brianna fait attention et limite l'enfoncement de la bite pour menager son col de l'uterus. L'ejac de Mandingo est comme lui,tres abondante et forte avec beaucoup de petits noirs dans son sperme! On comprend que les filles aiment les noirs.!

    • everynight July 23, 2010

      Mercedes eres Venezolana que rico

    • monsieur October 11, 2010

      hey mandigo je veux ta queue prete la moi je aller fourrer mon ex pour que criss une volee loll

    • Kinky October 18, 2010

      His size is so perfect and he shoots a lot! Me likes all in my mouth please!!!

    • Eve December 18, 2010

      k rica verga... kiero k me joda una asiii!!

    • mitch January 25, 2011


    • paulinha December 16, 2010

      very good

    • mr 22 cm November 11, 2010

      altro che i miei 22 cm .. questi sono minimo 30 cm !! che gran cazzone !!

    • Pouarff October 29, 2010

      A partir de 13:04 elle prend cher

    • layer November 6, 2010

      OMG... can he come and do my girlfriend? I'd love to see her go crazy with this monster dong!!!

    • SexiEuro June 25, 2011

      the first girl hell naw....but i want that dick right inside me!

    • dj June 30, 2011

      Fuck my wife please!

    • John March 31, 2012

      I got two black guys with 14 inch cocks for my wife tonight seeing her suck and fuck those cocks is awesome dp 28 inches and she will swallow every drop of cum it's going to be a great night

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