So Nice, I Came Twice


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Think You're a Model? Suck My Cock First...
Cum on her Face & In Her Pussy
She Loves ANAL. Loves It.
VISITAS: 3,688,903
CARGADO: May 7, 2011
Raver girl Naomi is willing to do whatever it takes to become a professional cum dumpster and she claims her boyfriend is cool with this. Suck and fuck me on camera for free to make a demo tape that goes to some producers - whose existence she didn't even bother to verify (they never do)? No problem. No other questions either. She found me through Craigslist so I gotta be legit, right? The promise of making five grand a day fucking just sounds too enticing to engage any rational thinking skills. 'Yay, more money for glow sticks!' A friend drove her to the audition and she told me earlier on the phone she'll need a ride to meet up with another *cough* friend afterwards. I don't do favors but I do take blowjobs as payment so after (barely) fucking her in the ass and (totally) covering her face and hair with cum at the office, I make her suck and swallow once more in the car. 2 cum loads on and in a 18 year old in one evening, for free. Looks like Charlie ain't the only one #WINNING
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lucky bastard
December 8, 2011

No wonder your my idol! I wish I had your "job"

sean pratt
May 18, 2016

Oh my God I jerked off 4 times

January 8, 2012

May I explain why "swallowing" is such an important element of a blowjob in terms of physical pleasure? Because the girl that swallows can continue sliding her lips and tongue over the crown of the penis while the man is cumming and her swallowing on the go means she won't suddenly stop in mid-cum to turn her head away, to run across the room or to run to the bathroom to spit the cum out. There is no added physical pleasure for the penis when the girl actually swallows the liquid. Emotional pleasure, yes. Physical pleasure, no. Instead, what matters is the fact that she can maintain the action that is making him cum right through his orgasm and without interruption at a critical moment. Therefore, interrupting your own blowjob to jerk yourself off...with your own hand...merely to make sure we "see" the cum entering her mouth, "see" the girl spit up the cum into her hand, "see" the girl suck the cum back up and to make a separate event of the actual swallowing utterly defeats the purpose of a girl agreeing to swallow your cum in the first place. In terms of physical pleasure, that is. So...please stop pulling your dick away from the girl's mouth to jerk yourself off when it is clear the girl can and wants to make you cum with her mouth and hands. Please stop telling the girl "don't swallow" when it is clear she wants to swallow. We'd rather see the girl follow her own natural desire and instinct to swallow a man's cum than hear you tell her not to do it so she can spit it up into her hand and suck it up later as though the action of her swallowing something long after your dick has left her mouth is supposed to add some physical pleasure to your penis when we all know it does not. Thank you.

July 9, 2012

Silly me - I thought cumming twice might imply a woman actually might enjoy sex in a video to the point of even having not one, but even TWO orgasms. I should've known better than to set my sights so high as to think a man directing a porn video would think about a woman's pleasure.

November 10, 2012

im a romanian girl from holland i want to talk about seks men and women !!! this is my numer please call me im so hornyyy